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|-"Dilophosaurus" sinensis
|-Dilophosaurus wetherilli
   |-Liliensternus liliensterni
   |-Liliensternus airelensis
         |  |-Procompsognathus triassicus
         |  |-Segisaurus halli
            |-?Camposaurus arizonensis
            |-Coelophysis bauri
            |-Eucoelophysis baldwini
            |-Megapnosaurus rhodesinensis
            |-Megapnosaurus kayentakatae
            |-?Shuvosaurus inexpectatus

This group consisted of agile slender theropods. The variation was only in size (1-7m) while
the further anatomics were allmost identical. Dilophosaurus got known to the public via
Jurassic Park, where it presented a frill, and poison spit. No traces after any frill has ever been
found, but the double crest, however, is true. The exact shape of them is unknown, as the entire
crest has never been found. "D". sinensis (originally assigned to Dilophosaurus, but that probably is a different genus) had only a single crest. A species called Dilophosaurus breedorum has allso been mentioned, but this
is based on a "crestless" specimen, but since even the holotype of D. wetherilli
only has been found with a crest-base, and no full crest, D. breedorum might as well have be a
D. wetherilli that has lost its crest in erotion, or even be a female D. wetherilli. no crest at all.

The Procompsognathids (allso known through Jurassic Park) were the pygmies of the group. Unfortunately
no skull has been found in neither Procompsognathus nor Segisaurus

The members of Coelophysinae are the most problematic ones, presenting a lot of confusion with their
unvaried forms. They all present a size 2-3 meter (except Podokesaurus - 1m.), they all are
known from North America (except M. rhodesinensis - Simbabwe, South Africa), they all present
the same long slender body, short feet and arms, and long neck, with a long this wolfish skull.

Megapnosaurus kayentakatae presented a little crest on the top of the
head, somewhat similar to the one of D. sinensis.

Coelophysis are known to have lived in groups, as there was found over 200 specimens together at
the site of Ghost Ranch.
Shuvosaurus inexpectatus was the only known toothless Coelophysoid.

The dinosaur knows as Megapnosaurus was previously known as Syntarsus but that name was
preoccupied by a beetle.




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